ReDefiners are bold and passionate creators who always reach for the remarkable.

Management Team

Rohan Desai


Greg Gavanski

Animation Division Head

Bill Schultz

Executive Producer, Animation

Guanglei Jia

China Business Executive

Gavin Boyle

Global Head of Previsualisation

Zubin Wadia

Global Head of Technology

Yohann Abraham

General Manager, India

Vijay Kakwani

SVP of Operations, India

Creative Leaders

Nigel Denton-Howes

Creative Director, VFX

John Harvey

Creative Director, Animation

Corey Smith

Creative Supervisor, North America

Viral Thakkar

Creative Director, VFX - India

Nick Hsieh

VFX Supervisor

Andrew Simmonds

VFX Supervisor

Serkan Zelzele

VFX Supervisor

Alex Guri

VFX Supervisor

Anshul Mathuria

VFX Supervisor

Jouelle Baracho

Creative Supervisor

Neelesh Gore

Senior Creative Supervisor

Mahesh Holla

Creative Supervisor

Shrirang Sathaye

Senior Creative Supervisor

François Schneider

CG Supervisor

Jean Paul Rovéla

CG Supervisor

Dipan Gajjar

Senior Creative Supervisor

Rajeev Rajasekharan

Senior VFX Supervisor

Arijit Ghosh

VFX Supervisor

Sunil Kamath

VFX Supervisor

Susheel Peris

VFX Supervisor

Mahesh Baria

VFX Supervisor

André Bustanoby

VFX Supervisor

Ben Cavaretta

CFX Supervisor

Head of Department

Vincent Touache

Department Supervisor

Benjamin Huber

Head of CG

Elizabeth Holmes

Head of Compositing

Oba Ameziane-Hassani

Head of Build

Alexey Mazurenko

Head of Lighting

Huck Hur

Head of Layout

PC Vikram

Head of Pre-Production

Shilpa Bhanushali

Head of Production, Animation

Griboshin Chandran

Head of Production, VFX

Bharat de

Head of 2D



Yana Petkova – FX Technical Director

Ramesh Chinneri Head of Lighting

Yana Petkova (Montreal) and Ramesh Chinneri (Mumbai) are our ReDefiners of the Month for August 2020.

Their dedication to their leadership duties as well as their creative and technical expertise have helped our global teams to deliver the amazing work that ReDefine is known for!

At ReDefine, we reward our talented ReDefiners every month for their exceptional contributions. We love to recognize talent and build relationships within our global ReDefine community.

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