ReDefine Centre Stage – Interview with Gergina Georgieva

Get ready to give a standing ovation for our new profile series, ReDefine Centre Stage! In this series, we’ll be shining a light on the spectacular individuals who work across our global studios. Every two weeks, a different team member will take the stage to share their experiences, insights and advice.

1. How did you get your start in Animation? What inspired you to choose Animation as a career? 

I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a 3D Animator but when I told my parents, they were not exactly thrilled. I come from a family of architects and engineers and the whole idea basically sounded too risky to them. We also didn’t know anyone who worked in animation or VFX. However, they soon realised I was not giving up and I was determined to become an Animator. They then started to encourage me to find online courses and learn more about animation.

When I was 19, after my first year in university, I came across a posting for an internship at a studio here in Sofia. I applied and I got in. During my internship, I was very fortunate to be mentored by one of my animation colleagues who basically taught me all I know about animation.

2. What’s the best thing about being an Animator? 

Although I really enjoy watching movies, I actually enjoy making them more. There is nothing better than learning about our characters and bringing them to life. I may be a little bit biased as an animator, but I really think animation is where a shot really comes together. 

Because a film is just a way of telling a story: what better way to approach visual storytelling than creating movement?

3. Tell us about a career highlight!

I have worked on a lot of great movies but my highlight is actually a little bit outside of my studio work. This year, ReDefine Sofia started collaborating with the ARC Academy, which is a game and film academy in Sofia with a VFX and animation program. Since the beginning of March, I have been teaching 3D Animation there. Because this is how I started in the industry – by being taught by professionals – I really feel the responsibility to teach the students everything they need to start in animation.

4. Advice for anyone wanting to become an Animator?

First, take advantage of every resource you can find out there on the Internet! 

It is also very important to find a mentor or someone that can review your shots and give you notes because animators tend to be a little bit too connected to our shots and not critical enough of our own work. It is great to have an outside person who can give you feedback and advice.

5. What is your favourite movie? 

A movie I really enjoyed this year is Babylon. It’s a very chaotic, crazy movie and I think it captures the fun, the excitement and the craziness of the film industry really well.

6. What about your dream project? 

Last year, I would’ve said working on an Oscar-winning movie. Little did I know that RRR, the movie I worked on at ReDefine last year, would actually win an Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’!

My new dream project would be a show that is very technically different and creatively difficult with a great story. Something I’d really enjoy watching and sharing with my friends.

7. What ReDefine studio would you like to work in for a day?

The Mumbai studio.

8. Finally, what are 3 words you would use to describe ReDefine?

Fun, connection and tigers.

ReDefine is definitely a great place to be. I have enjoyed every single day here, the work is truly rewarding. The teams share a great bond and that’s what makes it a great place to work.

Shilpa Bhanushali Head of Production (Animation)

We have top-of-line professionals who are not only creative, but also fun to work with. It has created a lot of possibilities for reinventing workflows.

François Schneider Global Creative Supervisor, North America

The people who form ReDefine have come from varied experiences and all have the potential to develop and deliver world-class projects.

Viral Thakkar Creative Director and VFX Supervisor India