ARPO – Robot Babysitter

ARPO – Robot Babysitter

Release Date: 18th October 2021

Robert F Hughes

ReDefine Director

Harold Harris


Amy Jones, Charlotte Loynes, Kirstie Brockett

Production Company



Amazon Kids+

ReDefine Producers

Melanie Schaffer, Nemani Venu Madhav

Production Designer

Alexei Nechytaylo

ReDefine Creative Supervisor

John Harvey, Nachiket Ambe

The Brightman family adopts a new baby, Cookie, who proves to be a handful for robot babysitter, ARPO! Cookie activates a new cleaning robot, Zoom Zoom, who goes haywire and starts destroying the house. ARPO tries to stop Zoom Zoom, but it’s Cookie who saves the day – and ARPO – proving that he’ll always be her number one bot!

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