William Tell
In production

William Tell

Writer and Director

Nick Hamm


Piers Tempest, Marie-Christine Jaeger-Firmenich & Nick Hamm

Production Company

Tempo Productions

VFX Supervisor

Andrew Simmonds

VFX Producer

Iskra Nacheva

William Tell is written and directed by Nick Hamm, adapted from Friedrich Schiller’s world renowned classical play.

The narrative unfolds in the 14th Century amidst the waning days of the Holy Roman Empire where Europe’s nations fiercely vie for supremacy and the ambitious Austrians, desiring more land, encroach upon Switzerland, a serene and pastoral nation.

Amidst this backdrop, William Tell, a formerly peaceful hunter, finds himself forced to take action as his family and homeland come under dire threat from the oppressive Austrian King and his ruthless warlords. Leading his fellow countrymen, Tell embarks on a courageous rebellion, seeking to defend their liberty and stand against the tyrannical forces that seek to subjugate them.